Welcome to Aakaar Magnate

Founded In 2020 By Meenal Ambrish Vyas.

Aakaar Magnate Was Created To Bridge The Gap Between Every Professional Squad & The Dream Of Every Little Girl To Bring Into Reality !

I , Meenal – wellknown as “Mee” started Aakaar Magnate in 2020.
There is a wonderful story with this name – Aakaar Magnate .
My Dad – started a Business named as Aakaar ,almost a Decade ago – however fate had some other plans ,
Dad left for heavenly abode in 2012.

Mom had the Business cards, few notepads preserved as a memory – later the notepads were used as drawing papers by Mee & My Niece. 🙂

In 2020 we had a Lockdown , for Mee the Lockdown was a blessing in disguise , like many others.
I was one of those who liked to spend my time exploring my hobbies viz. painting and sketching – and ofcourse my drawing pages were Aakaar Notepads.

I keep wondering how Dreams become reality, looking back at the time. Life’s been wonderful always, my spiritual healing began in 2019.

In 2020, I was in the process of planning my future too – and suddenly one fine day the name Aakaar struck Mee!
Also – what better way to make my Dad’s dreams come alive !?

Well, Well ….. I found the name for my Business – Aakaar i.e. Create
, however I wanted to suffix the name – so I decided to suffix it with
Magnate i.e. A Wealthy And Influential Business Person.

As a little girl I always wanted to become a Business Woman – so I knew this is it ! 😉


That’s how Aakaar Magnate was born !:-)

Aakaar Magnate is not just for Mee !
Aakaar Magnate is for every little girl out there who is aspiring to be an Independent Business Woman.

I talk to this Little Girl inside Mee and tell her that dreams do come true.

The Distance Between Dreams & Reality Is Action!

With Time and The Life Lessons I have learnt, I strongly believe, that becoming a Business Woman is not just about running a Business, however with a beautiful mindset & a strong foundation – one can run any Business successfully !

I believe that the biggest project of my life is “Mee” – I have accepted the fact that no matter what – making myself better everyday is the most important – in all aspects of my life.

Aakaar Magnate is not just a website – it’s about sharing my lessons learnt, with the research I do, to make oneself better everyday.

Aakaar Magnate is definitely a bridge for everyone seeking knowledge in depth – on the topics that interest Mee.

I try my best to bring forth the best knowledge from the base , so its easier to understand the topics with clarity.

This space is an Open Book to My Life …. I’ll be sharing my views, my research, my knowledge and My Journey.

Delving in for YOU !

Aakaar is Created with a Vision and a Mission in place.

Our Vision – Woman encourage Woman ,to encourage Women.

Our Mission – To bring forth quality content in an ever evolving digital platform,
to create beautiful mindsets and bring fruitful desires and dreams to life !

My Journey has begun …. come join Mee …. Let’s create together ….. Let’s make this world a better place!

Happy Exploring !

Best & Warm Regards ,

Meenal Ambrish Vyas.